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Couples Therapy Colorado Springs

How did we get here? 

You keep asking yourself this question. This is not what you pictured…not at all what you expected. What happened to the “happily-ever-after” that was promised in all those sappy fairytales? I mean, does this happen to all couples…eventually?

Is this it?

You went from feeling connected, loved, and wanted to feeling…like roommates.

Again, “How does that happen!?”

You may feel so disillusioned that you are afraid to hope that things can be good again. I get it. I have walked that path myself. Yep, got the t-shirt too. And it’s nothing I ever wanted.

But, I have good news for you! You can allow yourself to hope because the reality is that things really can change. Your relationships really can be better! You don’t have to live this sad, unsatisfied existence.

I have seen couples who were close to divorce…I’m talking hanging on by a thread…develop a renewed connection, compassion, and love for each other that years of bitterness, hurt and resentment had long buried.

Relationships should be a gift that enhance your life, not a burden that drags you down. Let me help you find your way back to the love and passion you once shared!