Invest in the future you!

Therapy is an investment that can transform your life and your relationships. You know that something is not working, or you would not be here looking for relief!

Emotional pain should be taken as seriously as physical pain.

If you needed surgery for a broken leg, you would not opt to skip it because it would cost too much. You would figure it out because you know that it has to be fixed. 

How long have you lived with this pain?

Isn’t it time to find some relief? Therapy is hard work, but it can also bring about

change and newness that will affect every area of your life!  

You are WORTH this! 


Counseling Services Colorado Springs


$130 / Initial 90 Minute Intake Appointment

$130 / 90 Minute EMDR Counseling Session

$110 / 50 Minute Individual Counseling Session

$110 / 50 Minute Couples Counseling Session

Intensives available upon request

Do you take Insurance?

I do not take insurance, but you may still be able to get reimbursed through your insurance. You can call your insurance provider and ask if they will do reimbursement for and “Out of Network Behavioral Mental Health Service.” If they approve this for you, you would pay up front, I would provide you an invoice to submit to them, and they would reimburse you for the service.

A benefit of doing private pay (non-insurance) is that your health record is private. Also, many insurance companies do not cover Couples or Marriage Counseling.