Colorado Roots Counseling of Colorado Springs


Scheduling your first appointment for Couples or Individual Therapy

What should I expect in the first appointment?

Great question! This very question is one that keeps people from taking this important and might I add, Brave, new step.

We start with an 90 minute intake appointment. This is where we go over the paperwork that you fill out to make sure you understand your rights as a client, confidentiality, and other important topics. That part usually takes 20 mins to 30 minutes. The next hour is where you talk to me about what brought you in to seek therapy. I will listen to your concerns, and together we will decide what the most important issues are to work on. We will create goals to improve those areas and help free you from the things that have been holding you back!

 For Couples, I also have two sessions where I meet with each person individually. Then you resume counseling as a couple.